SANAL GERÇEKLİK: The World's Largest hologram device was developed

SANAL GERÇEKLİK: Our Company Sanal Gerceklik has more than a first…

ESDAŞ : NATO AWACS Half-Life Modernization and MSK

ESDAŞ : ESDAŞ step into Civil Aviation Sector

MIA TEKNOLOJİ: Fingerprint Technology in Atatürk International Airport

MIA TEKNOLOJİ:  The use of Fingerprint Technology began in Ataturk International Airport

MIA TEKNOLOJİ:  The use of Fingerprint Technology began in Ataturk International Airport

HALİME SERİNÇAY: Nanofiber Bandage Cloth was produced in Gazi University


TÜRKİYE KÖMÜR İŞLETMELERİ: Humic Acid and Leonardit use in our soil

TÜRKİYE KÖMÜR İŞLETMELERİ: 5 Districts will be the oil-rich

BYS GRUP: Alzheimer Project will hope to patients

BYS GRUP: Alzheimer Patients will be followed step by step

BYS GRUP: Big Project for Alzheimer Patients

YENİ ÇAĞ: 20 Years; TOYP Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony

YENİ ÇAĞ:  10 Most Succesful Young People of Turkey announced

AN GRUP: An Grup interview at CEBiT 2014

TİGA BİLİŞİM: E-Health supporting social equality

SANAL GERÇEKLİK: Domestic Holographic System was developed

METOSFER : They received training about Solar Energy

ARTECS : AGU signed the Cooperation Protocols with the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry

TİGA BİLİŞİM: Target in Health Industry: Overseas Martket

İKOL YAZILIM: Mobile Software Solutions are implementing to meet the needs of municipalities

METOSFER : Need to Renewable Energy Sources

TİGA BİLİŞİM: AKBIS’s eyes above the polls

INOVA AR-GE : Informatics; Great Enrichment tool in a master hand

AN GROUP: The Simulator introduced to Driving Schools

TİGA BİLİŞİM: Drug Tracking System is now available on mobile phones

BÜYÜKDOĞU YAZILIM: Neuroogle AHBYS; ‘Assisted the family doctor in one second’

ANKAGEO : Historic Peninsula will be available to visit virtually

INOVA AR-GE : Child doping to the Digital World


SANAL GERÇEKLİK: Real-up Hand-Held

SANAL GERÇEKLİK: “3D View” in the air

SANAL GERÇEKLİK: You can turn the car and plane with your hand

SANAL GERÇEKLİK: Science Fiction became reality

SANAL GERÇEKLİK: Indigeous “Aerial View”

E.D.Y AR-GE : The Business Idea becomes Project in E.D.Y

İŞ YAZILIM: Digital revolution started in Bornova Municipality

TİGA BİLİŞİM: More reliable health platform with Drug Tacking System

FARMASENS : We chose the hard way

INOVA ARGE: Awards to IT Garage Academy

INOVA ARGE: Earn money by teaching information to children

INOVA ARGE:Children are learning IT in the Inventor Garage

INNOVILE : Reduces Integration Costs by %90

BILTEN : Expectations and assumptions about the Fatih Project

ROBUTEL: R&D Award to 6 Companies

KZ MEKATRONİK: The Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System from KZ

KZ MEKATRONİK: KOSGEB Innovative Entrepreneur Award

TÜRKİYE KÖMÜR İŞLETMELERİ: Synthetic Gas: A new favorite of Turkey in energy industry

TÜRKİYE KÖMÜR İŞLETMELERİ: Commissioning of Coal Gasification Plant

TARNET: TZOB pressed the button for automation

TARNET: Tarnet completed the Infrastructure of E-Koop


ROBUTEL : Robutel General Manager Burak Can

SE SAVUNMA: SE General Manager Serkan Kose

UFUK YILDIZ: General Manager of Chemistry and Materials Technology

SİMTEK : Simtek General Manager Gul Meltem Kulali

SOLARTEK : SOLARTEK General Manager Emine Kuş


MOS BİLİŞİM: Becoming global is the goal of Miners



MOS Bilişim : Data becomes information with Miner